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Seeding Rate: 20 lbs/acre

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Create an annual tall screen that blocks the view of your food plots from roads and neighbors with View Blocker. It includes four sorghum species that range from a 5′ tall, stout stemmed dwarf type to a long season forage sorghum that can grow 10-12′ tall. The shorter and stouter species help hold the taller species up during the late winter cold weather. The ratio of species in the mix is designed to produce a screen that will last well into the winter/spring. View Blocker grows massive amounts of biomass while improving soil health.

This product is pre-inoculated with the Green Boost Biology Package, so you can reduce your fertilizer usage. Green Boost includes:

  • Elevate Ag's HyprGerm biological stimulant applied right on the seed. HyprGerm contains nutrients, hormones and enzymes from kelp extract, worm castings, chitosan, and humic acid for increased seed germination, plant vigor, root growth and soil biological stimulation. 
  • MycoGreen NPK, a dual inoculant containing ten functionally diverse mycorrhizal fungi and eight bacterial species.
  • Rhizo-Fixer Plus Inoculant contains multiple families of nitrogen-fixing rhizobia bacteria plus Azospirillum Brasiliense (free living N fixer) and two phosphorus-solubilizing bacteria, Pantoea Eucalypti and Pseudomonas Baetica.

Please note, Rhizo-Fixer Plus Inoculant remains viable on the seed for 60-90 days. If you are not planning to plant within a 90-day window, we recommend ordering Micro Noc Inoculant and applying on the seed when you plant.

How much Micro Noc should I order?

   4 oz  packet  100 lbs 
16 oz packet 400 lbs
5 lbs bucket 2,000 lbs
10 lbs bucket 4,000 lbs

Healthier and more vigorous plants will lead to healthier animals and bigger antlers!


GCS Yield Max PPS Sorghum Sudan, Sorgrow FS105 Forage Sorghum, Sorgrow Dwarf Forage Sorghum, Endurance BMR Dwarf Sorghum

Planting Instructions

View Blocker should be drilled 3/4" deep , when the soil reaches 60 degrees. If broadcasting, spread the seed and lightly incorporate just before a rain into a clean seedbed.

This online tool shows soil temperature for your area. Read this article for more info: When Can I Start Planting?


View Blocker should be planted annually during the spring when the soil temperature at 2” deep at 9:00 AM is 60 degrees or warmer. There are lots of websites that report the current soil temperature daily for each county.

Seeding Rate

Plant 20 pounds per acre when seeding with a no-till drill or other planting implement.

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