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Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover - OMRI Inoculated

    Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover - OMRI Inoculated

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      Seeding Rate: 8-10 lbs per acre.

        When is the right time to plant?

        Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover - OMRI Inoculated has a minimum germination temp of 42 °F. Reference your average soil temperature to determine ideal planting time.
        Read this article for more info: When Can I Start Planting?

        Basic Info

        N Fix Potential 80-150
        Seeds/lb 180000
        C/N at Maturity Low
        Growth Habit Upright
        Root Type/Depth Shallow Taproot
        Cold Kill -30 °F
        Dry Matter Potential 2 - 4 tons/acre

        Use & Characteristics

        Maturity Biennial days
        Lasting Residue Good
        Palatability Very Good
        Hay Harvest Poor
        Regrowth Fair
        Deep Compaction Excellent
        Surface Compaction Excellent
        Weed Suppression Good
        Crimp Kill Difficult


        Plant Depth 1/4 - 1/2"
        Min Germ Temp 42 °F
        Drilled Seed Rate 8-10 lbs/acre
        Broadcast Seed Rate 10-15 lbs/acre


        Heat Very Good
        Drought Excellent
        Shade Fair
        Wet Soil Fair
        Low Fertility Excellent
        Low pH Soil Fair
        High pH Salinity Good
        High pH Calcareous Excellent

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