Milpa Garden Warm Season
Milpa Garden Warm Season
Milpa Garden Warm Season
Milpa Garden Warm Season
Milpa Garden Warm Season
Milpa Garden Warm Season

Milpa Garden Warm Season

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Seeding Rate:
1 lbs - 1,000 square feet
5 lbs - 5,000 square feet
10 lbs - 1/4 acre (10,890 square feet)
20 lbs - 1/2 acre (21,780 square feet)
35 lbs - 1 acre (43,560 square feet)

Please note: We are charging shipping on Milpa orders this year.

Due to high demand for Milpa seed, please expect 2-3 weeks processing time for your order. Milpa should not be planted until there is no chance of frost, so you should receive your seed in time for planting.

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Our Milpa Garden Warm Season mix is a great way to get fresh produce with minimal amounts of labor. The milpa technique originated in Central America where the Mayans used a mixture of corn, squash, and beans to improve the soil and grow food. At Green Cover Seed, we went beyond the three sisters and compiled a mix of over 40 different seeds. This is an excellent way to utilize a small portion of land to produce food without going through the hassle of tillage, weeding, and hours of planning. If you want a fun mix to grow food for your family, community or even local food pantry, this is the perfect mix for you!

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Our experience with Milpa began in 2017 with a partnership between Green Cover and the Farm to Food Bank in Oklahoma.

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Assorted Squash Varieties, Cucumbers, Watermelons, Pumpkin, Gourds, Cylindra Beet, White Cloud Swiss Chard, Impact Forage Collards, Nitro Radish, Purple Top Turnip, Florida Broadleaf Mustard, Roquette Arugula, Hubam White Sweet Clover, Crimson Clover, Chia, Red Ripper Cowpeas, Mung Beans, 4010 Spring Forage Pea, Mancan Buckwheat, Mammoth Sunflower, Black Oil Sunflower, Golden Flax, Okra, Grazing Popcorn, Borage, Garland Daisy, Sweet Alyssum, Baby's Breath, Marigolds, Four O Clock Flowers, Cornflowers, Calendula Flowers

Planting Instructions

Milpa is best seeded using a no-till drill or other seeding device and placing seed at a depth of 3/4" - 1". It can also be broadcast into areas with minimal plant competition such as a new plot or one where a seedbed has recently been prepared. Light incorporation or dragging can help with seed to soil contact but don't cover the seed with more than 3/4" of soil.

This online tool shows soil temperature for your area. Read this article for more info: When Can I Start Planting?


Wait to plant until after the last frost and soil temperatures are above 60 degrees and rising. Planting of these mixes should be completed by midsummer.

Seeding Rate

Plant 35 pounds per acre when seeding with a no-till drill or other planting implement and 50 pounds per acre when broadcasting.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review