Grazing Corn (BMR 84)

Grazing Corn (BMR 84)

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Seeding Rate: 20-40 lbs/acre

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Corn has long been utilized as a forage source for livestock, proving to be extremely palatable with high nutritional value. We have seen in our plots how aggressively cattle will pursue consuming BMR corn over other warm season grasses. BMR cultivars only improve the forage quality and it's documented by researchers/farmers to notably increase milk production/productivity. Corn is considered a subtropical crop so it can withstand colder nights, higher elevations and Northern growing regions better than tropical warm season grasses like sorghum, sudan or sorghum x sudan species. Like millets, corn poses no prussic acid risk unlike the other warm season grasses previously listed. Grazing corn is the cheapest way to utilize biomass production and cattle have been observed to naturally balance their diets, not just gorging themselves on the grain.

When is the right time to plant? Compare the germination temperature listed below to your soil temperature. Read this article for more info: When Can I Start Planting?

Basic Info
Maturity (Days) Seeds/lb C/N at Maturity Growth Habit Root Type/Depth Cold Kill (F) Dry Matter Potential(Tons/acre)
85 2500 High Upright Medium Fibrous 32 6 - 8
Use and Characteristics
N Fix Potential Lasting Residue Palatability Hay Harvest Regrowth Deep Compaction Surface Compaction Weed Suppression Crimp Kill
Good Excellent Fair Poor Fair Fair Very Good Easy
Plant Depth Min Germ Temp(F) Drilled Seed Rate (lbs/acre) Broadcast Seed Rate (lb/acre)
1-3 50 20-40 30-50
Heat Drought Shade Wet Soil Low Fertility Low pH Soil High pH Salinity High pH Calcareous
Good Good Poor Poor Poor Fair Fair Fair