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Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover - OMRI Inoculated

    Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover - OMRI Inoculated

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      Seeding Rate: 8-10 lbs per acre.

        When is the right time to plant?

        Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover - OMRI Inoculated has a minimum germination temp of 42 °F. Reference your average soil temperature to determine ideal planting time.
        Read this article for more info: When Can I Start Planting?

        Basic Info

        N Fix Potential 80-150
        Seeds/lb 180000
        C/N at Maturity Low
        Growth Habit Upright
        Root Type/Depth Shallow Taproot
        Cold Kill -30 °F
        Dry Matter Potential 2 - 4 tons/acre

        Use & Characteristics

        Maturity Biennial days
        Lasting Residue Good
        Palatability Very Good
        Hay Harvest Poor
        Regrowth Fair
        Deep Compaction Excellent
        Surface Compaction Excellent
        Weed Suppression Good
        Crimp Kill Difficult


        Plant Depth 1/4 - 1/2"
        Min Germ Temp 42 °F
        Drilled Seed Rate 8-10 lbs/acre
        Broadcast Seed Rate 10-15 lbs/acre


        Heat Very Good
        Drought Excellent
        Shade Fair
        Wet Soil Fair
        Low Fertility Excellent
        Low pH Soil Fair
        High pH Salinity Good
        High pH Calcareous Excellent

        Not all seed is created equal

        We take pride in growing, sourcing, cleaning, and shipping all of our products to the highest standards.

        • We contract grow over 60% of the seed we sell with a network of growers across the USA.
        • We store our seed using automated systems that maintain optimum temperature and mositure levels to ensure excellent germination.
        • We test our seed every 6 months to ensure the highest quality and consistency for all the products we ship. 
        • We ship to all 50 states and several Canadian provinces. We always strive to offer the most cost-effective and timely deliver as possible.

        We walk with you

        Cover crops can be tricky, even scary at times, but we provide you the support you need for every step of this journey.

        Drawing upon our team’s expertise and experience, we collaborate with farmers, ranchers and soil health researchers to produce a bounty of free, educational resources. Each year, we release the Soil Health Resource Guide, webinar series, conferences, field days and more in order to help you to make informed decisions about your soils.

        And our expert sales team is always standing by and ready to help you with your cover crop questions.

        Faith Based, Farmer Built, Family Owned

        Like many farmers, faith and family go hand in hand with the day to day operations. We built our company to help people regenerate God’s creation to be enjoyed for many generations after us. Together with our family and employees, we’ve built this dream, and we’re all here to serve you and watch your soil health dreams become a reality.

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