Prepare for fall with these new Food Plot mixes

Hidey Hole

The Hidey Hole blend was created to attract deer! It includes several forage species that deer love to feed on throughout the entire hunting season.

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Plot Release

Based on our very popular Fall Release blend, the Plot Release has an extra high rate of cereal rye, alfalfa and balansa clover for spring weed suppression.

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Fall Release

The Fall Release blend is specifically designed to attract deer and produce early fall high quality forage for whitetails and other critters while improving the soil’s health.

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    Food Plots


    Our Food Plot mixes were engineered in partnership with Dr. Grant Woods, host of GrowingDeer.TV. These products are specifically designed to release the full potential of your soil, and grow healthy deer.

    Check out one of his latest videos, where he discusses the food plot mixes with Green Cover co-founder Keith Berns!